The Planetary Health Academy was set up in spring 2020 by the German Climate Change and Health Alliance e.V. (KLUG).

Human health depends on the health of the surrounding environment. The Planetary Health approach examines the interplay between human health, political, economic and social factors and the natural systems of our planet.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the fragility of national and global health systems. It reminds us of the interplay between human and planetary health. This insight highlights the need to take action. In spring 2020, we decided to launch a first series of the Planetary Health Academy as a contribution to education within the health sector. After the great success of our first cycle, we are continuing our work – join us for the second round! As a free online live lecture series with leading experts in the field of Planetary Health, we will deepen our understanding and enlarge our perspective on the interdisciplinary field of Planetary Health. We will not only focus on the consequences of man-made ecological destruction – namely the loss of biodiversity, climate change, pollution, and change of land use – but also point to windows of opportunity and find solutions to these problems that can help both humans and the environment thrive. Our knowledge will help us to become change agents and to make transformation happen.  

Our team:

Sylvia Hartmann

Sylvia Hartmann is a medical doctor. She is a founding member and the vice-chair of the German Climate Change and Health Alliance. Early during her studies she got interested in the larger influences on human health. Her engagement at the intersection between climate change and health started at the German Medical Students’ Association. As a delegate of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations she participated twice at the UN Climate Change Conference in 2017 and 2018.

Martin Herrmann

As founder and chair of the German Climate Change and Health Alliance Martin Herrmann has accompanied transformation processes in a professional context for many years. A doctor and psychotherapist by training, Martin Herrmann soon started to advise companies and NGOs, creating new concepts for organizational development. Today he teaches at international business schools and universities. He is especially passionate about complexity science, philosophy and Hannah Arendt.

Felix Bittner

Felix Bittner ist Projektleiter bei Health for Future. Mit seinem fachlichen Hintergrund in Umweltpolitik und im Management sozialer Innovationen treibt er Transformationen an den Schnittstellen von Sektoren und Systemen voran.

Sophie Gepp

Sophie Gepp is a final year medical student at Charité Berlin and holds an MSc Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is an active member of the German Climate and Health Alliance since 2018.

Leah Schirren

Leah Schirren is a 9th semester medical student at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf and has been involved in Health for Future for over one year. She co-founded the Hamburg group and is accompanying the Planetary Health Acadamy with a focus on the social media campaign.

Hannah Otto

Hannah Otto is studying medicine and philosophy in Freiburg with an interim year in Lausanne. Having intensified her engagement for the climatestrike movement in Lausanne in the organisation of the European climatestrike summit, she is currently active in the Health for Future movement.

Former team members:

Lisa Patzelt

Medizinstudentin im 10. Semester an der TU München, ist schon seit Schultagen im Umwelt- und Klimaschutz aktiv und bildet sich am Rachel Carson Center der LMU München in Environmental Studies weiter. Bei KLUG und besonders Health for Future ist sie seit einem Jahr engagiert.

Louise Hegge

Louise Hegge studiert im 9. Semester an der TU München Medizin. Seit dem Klinischen Studienabschnitt engagiert sie sich in der Bundesvertretung der Medizinstudierenden in Deutschland (bvmd) und ist seit dem Frühjahr 2019 bei der KLUG, vor allem im Rahmen der Health for Future Initiative, aktiv.

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