Get involved

Are you interested in getting involved beyond the lecture series? Here is how you can take action for a healthy planet and for healthy people:

Movement Building and Activism

Imagine a world-wide movement striving for healthy people on a healthy planet! We invite you to become part of our existing network and movement by starting your own groups and projects. If you have any questions or ideas for new projects, send us an e-mail at

Join the Skills Lab

The Health for Future Skills Lab (in German) invites experts in different fields to take part in online workshops. In these workshops we learn skills for our volunteering work and we create connections between local groups, exchanging experiences concerning common challenges and working on joint strategies. The workshops facilitate the application of our acquired skills and help push for real change.

The Health for Future Skills Lab is open to those in the healthcare sector, who want to get active in the field of climate and environment protection.

Get in touch with your local contact person

Groups that work together in the field of Planetary Health already exist at many universities and training centres. These groups are part of the Health for Future network. „Health for Future“ is an action forum for all members of the health sector, who are committed to an intact climate and ecosystem.

City contact person E-Mail
Aachen Lea Elsholz
Berlin Sophie Gepp
Bonn Luana Krauthäuser
Brandenburg Juri Habicht
Coburg Hannes Wagner
Dresden Rosa Emrich
Düsseldorf Lena Noack
Freiburg Hannah Otto
Gießen Laura Gerspacher
Göttingen Antonia Faller
Greifswald Tina Andrasch
Halle Laura Hoenen
Hamburg Lea Mardeis
Hannover Maria Albers, Markus Schirmer
Heidelberg/Mannheim Lukas Zährig
Homburg Amke Jebens
Jena Rosa Saß
Köln Anthea Storck
Leipzig Laura Jung
Lübeck Katharina Kewitz
Mainz Robert Kuchen
Marburg Hanna Burow
München, LMU Paula Schwenke 
München, Technische Universität Lisa Patzelt, Louise Hegge
Münster Valerie Teschner
Regensburg Lorenz Albrecht
Tübingen Maren Kopetschke
Würzburg Sophia Galle
Fulda Ronja Zschoche
Graz Elisabeth Schreiner
Switzerland Bea Albermann
Peru Saulo Gamarra

What if your city or university is not yet included? You are welcome to form a group of your own for your city. Just drop us an email to – we would be very happy to support you.

Push for Planetary Health as a field of study at your university

At our online event on “Establishing Planetary Health at Universities” students and lecturers reported on experiences from universities, where an elective or other educational format has already been accredited or held. The following video is unfortunatly only available in German.

Workshop zur Etablierung von Planetary Health an Hochschulen
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You can find the contribution by Michael Echinger (in German) here as a PDF.

If you want to  establish an elective on Planetary Health and you need some advice or help, please contact us at

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